1. The Stonewall Hostel, hereinafter referred to as the hostel, accepts
    reservations made:
    A. Through the website: www.hostel-stonewall.pl
    B. Through the booking portal: www.booking.com
    C. In exceptional situations, by telephone or e-mail.
  2. For the booking to be considered as an active booking it is necessary to
    provide by the person concerned: name and surname, for which the
    reservation is made, the date of stay, the number of people for whom the
    reservation is made, contact telephone number of the person making the
    reservation and the e-mail account of the person making the reservation
    used on a daily basis.
  3. Hostel gives prices in Polish zloty (PLN) and accepts payments only in
    this currency.
  4. Confirmation of the reservation of your stay in the hostel is to pay a
    deposit to the hostel’s account, through the hostel’s website or a bank
  5. The amount of the deposit is equal to the total amount due for the stay at
    the hostel.
  6. The hostel will set a date by which the booking person is required to pay
    the deposit to the account to book a stay. In the absence of a deposit on
    account hostel to the deadline – the reservation is treated as null and void.
  7. In the transfer title, the person making the reservation is required to
    provide: name, surname, date of stay at the hostel.
  8. Date of payment is the date of crediting the amount to the hostel’s bank
    account or the date of receipt of cash in the hostel cashier.
  9. The hostel will confirm receipt of payment in accordance with applicable
    regulations, and at the request of the customer will issue a VAT invoice for
    the data given, provided that the person making the reservation expressed
    such a wish before the hostel charge the account.
  10. From the date of crediting the account of the hostel the reservation is
    confirmed. The date of the stay and services ordered is binding for both
    parties, i.e. the hostel and the person booking the stay.
  11. Payment for the whole stay, if it could not be made at the time of
    booking, takes place at the latest at the time of check-in. Any additional
    services are payable at the time of ordering them.
  12. Refusal of payment by the person making the reservation of 100% of
    the value of the stay on the date of commencement of the stay – constitutes
    a withdrawal from the reservation. Hostel will keep the deposit paid.
  13. In case of damage, destruction or shortage in the room or place of
    accommodation, which was used by a person – hostel will charge the
    person with the equivalent of the use of the room for the entire period of
    exclusion from use and the cost of repair.
  14. The contract, which is an order with a confirmation of reservation –
    expires on the date of departure of the customer from the hostel, no later
    than the date specified in the order.


  1. Cancellation of the reservation can be made at any time.
  2. Cancellation of a reservation must be in writing under pain of nullity.
  3. Cancellation of a reservation by the person making the reservation after
    having paid the deposit:
  • in the case of cancellation of a reservation made 7 or more days before
    the scheduled start date of the stay – the hostel will return the deposit
  • in case of cancellation of a reservation made less than 7 days before the
    planned date of arrival and beginning of stay – paid money is not refundable
    = the hostel will keep the deposit paid.
    However, the hostel may offer the customer another date for the stay within
    90 days, subject to availability of free rooms. However, if the booking
    concerns the summer months, long weekends and holidays – money paid is
    not refundable and can not be used towards another booking.
  1. Changing the date of a reservation referred to in point 3 – depends each
    time on individual assessment of the situation by the hostel and the
    possibility of change. Hostel stipulates that the change of date of stay can
    not expose the hostel to losses, and customer request to change the date
    of stay in no way binds the hostel.
  2. In case of shortening the stay by the customer, the hostel does not
    refund the cost of unilateral withdrawal from the contract.
  3. In case of no-show at the hostel on the day of the scheduled start of the
    stay and no information about possible delay in arrival, the total payment for
    the stay will not be refunded and the reservation is canceled.
  4. Cancellation of reservations made through booking.com and other online
    intermediaries is subject to the conditions specified on the website of the
  5. It is not possible to return the deposit paid or the total amount for the stay
    in the following cases: no-show of the person booking in the scheduled
    time, shortening the stay, cancellation of the reservation later than 7 days
    before the scheduled start date, refusal of check-in for reasons specified in
    the rules, or refusal of further service by the hostel, resulting from violations
    of the rules of the hostel.
  6. Disputes between the customer and the hostel will be considered by the
    court having jurisdiction over the seat of the hostel.